Kip caption contest…Kind of

Thanks to all that commented.  All were very good (some really weird) and plenty were funny.   The Winner is from JKPHM.

Kip turns to me and says “Julie its just me and you now. And please, for the last time, quit asking me where Manny is!! “

Thanks again all.  We have another one soon.  Ya’ll are great.

Video Contest:  

As Kip turns to you.  What would you want him to say?  Be honest or be funny.  Keep it short, Kip isn’t a talker so make it one sentence or less.   We will decide at the end of next week.   We will give out something, I promise. ( I know we still owe 3 others, it’s coming)  Caption Example:  (Please put in the “comments” section)

Kip turns to me and says: “Hey ya’ll, I’m gonna try to drink a whole bottle of habanero sauce, can ya’ll film me?” (dream scenario)   or

Kip turns to me and says: “Hey, I’m gonna pay you a bunch of money to be my drummer, I don’t care how bad you suck at drums”

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In Boston. The Bird Search

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The Interview

The video is self explanatory but I will give  you a little more background on this.  Basically this was our best SNL version portraying Kip (we may have exaggerated his character a bit) and PJ’s (spot on with his character) first interview.

Kip and PJ are always telling the story of their first (and only) job interview they had years ago.  When they tell it, it is quite entertaining.  We often have them tell it just to get laughs.  Well, we were having a “get together” at a friend’s house with quite a few people.  So a day earlier a group thought it would be funny and reenact the “interview” (based on true events) of having heard the story many times.  At this “get together” we had Kip and PJ tell the story again to everyone.  Unbeknownst to them, we had the reenactment ready to go in the dvd player.  After they told the story, we pressed play, and pretty much nailed it.  What you see above is a cut-up of them telling the story, and what our reenactment looked like.   Enjoy…

The Interview

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Kip’s Tour Bus “Cribs-on-Wheels” by @lifeinrewind1

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KipontheRocks- Best Caption on this one!

KipontheRocks-  Best Caption on this one!

Kip thinking “Damn I wish I would have worn my Jorts…I guess I’ll just roll em up”

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Kip CRS video by @lifeinrewind1

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Redemption For Emily w @kipmooremusic

The picture was submitted to our FWK  Facebook Page, “Fan Pics”… Priceless.

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Caption Contest Winner

First we would like to thank everyone for participating. The captions were all very good and we had a hard time making the decision. 

Giving out two winners today. Maybe more down the line but here is who we have

The two winners – littlest and smalltowngirlcrazyworld.  

Littlest submitted plenty but all of our judges laughed at the anchorman comment (we know it was a quote, but we all enjoyed)

And in our “serious category” smalltowngirlcrazyworld submitted a “kip points” winner referencing “the top”

Honorable mentions:  mglorioso (great vampire references to Cortez, we loved that) and Neil J (entered at last minute with a solid stinger.  Solid).  

Winners- please email your address to

sent by Morse code

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Kip In Hawaii (Hidden Files)

Long before his #1 hits.  Long before the purchase of his red hat.  And even before his very own myspace page.  Kip lived in Hawaii.  Here is some footage of which may contain only one scene with a shirt that is actually being worn.  Enjoy the great video (that was filmed from a Motorola flip phone).   It turned out great!.

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Caption Contest

Caption Contest - example, "Hey Cortez, let's see if I can get this parrot to flip me off"

Caption Contest – example, “Hey Cortez, let’s see if I can get this parrot to flip me off”

Here is the deal.  We have a “Best Caption” contest to get some goodies from Kip.  We will send autograph and maybe a few more surprises to the winner.  Whoever can come up with the best caption wins.  Be clever.  You can do one for each if you like.  Just comment back and write Kip Points or Kip Looks and then your caption.  Good luck.

Caption Contest - example "How did my guitar get to the top of that tree"

Caption Contest – example “How did my guitar get to the top of that tree”
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